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Rihanna's Work Dance Cover Showdown: Sarah G vs. Pastillas Girl vs. Maine Mendoza vs. Yassi Pressman vs. Arci Muñoz

Sino ang pinakamagaling mag WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK?

Now being at the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for more than 5 weeks, Rihanna’s collaboration single with Drake called WORK can now be considered a phenomenal hit! This is a single under her album called ANTI, released January 27 this year.

Nakilala din ang kantang ito bilang pinakaunang kanta in the dancehall genre to land in the number 1 spot.

Sa sobrang sikat neto, many of our country’s famous celebrities have done their dance covers. It’s a tricky thing to make a cover of it, because it’s more than just a dance, it actually represents the West Indian Black culture.

POPSIGHT360 has gone around to find the videos done by local celebrities and our list for today will showcase them in no particular order. I repeat, in no particular order.

We will show them to you without rankings kasi gusto namin na kayo ang humusga kung sino ang may pinakamagaling na version. Comment below and let your voice be heard.

Lets get this started!!!


Matapos niyang sayawin to sa ASAP, nag 100,000 plus views agad on that same night. Sarah G is used to doing her own cover of popular Hollywood songs, but did she make the cut with this one? Comment kayo below…

Sige nga… Sabihin nyo sa amin kung deserving ba si Pastillas Girl maging part ng TOP 5 WORK DANCE COVERS?

Sorry but this doesn't come with class. Too sensual. Not good.

Tell us guys, can she dance well? How was her dance cover for this one? did it WORK?

Aldub nation, gusto nyo ba ang version ni Maine Mendoza? How about the non-Maine Mendoza fans, kamusta yung sayaw nya para sa inyo?

She started getting noticed as a good dancer in Party Pilipinas. Yassi can really dance well, but did she dance well enough in this WORK cover?

We’re sure marami pang covers na ginawa ang ibang artista so feel free to comment kung sino ang gusto nyo. Who are your top 5? Anong ranking ng mga artistang namention namin dito?

Leave us a comment and let’s see who will gather as much!

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