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SONA 2016: How Live Coverage Will Change thru Brillante Mendoza

Question: Can we expect cost-efficient budget for such a live coverage?
Answer: If we base it on his principles on filmmaking, perhaps Mendoza is a wise choice.

“There are many ways to make a movie on a limited budget without compromising the filmmaker’s vision." -Brillante Mendoza

One of things that excite us in today's State of the Nation Address by our newly elected president, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, is how the live coverage will change. The new administration has introduced major changes already even for SONA itself. One of which is that it won't be a fashion show anymore.

Simple business attire. That's the getup for today. Filipiniana attire is allowed but not long gowns.

Contrary to the fact that Brillante Mendoza is used to red carpet events as a director, expect no such thing today.

Trailer of Ma' Rosa, recent film by Brillante Mendoza that gained international recognition

If you watch the trailers of Mendoza, you'll notice a common style. It gives you a feel that it's your actual eyes capturing the scene itself. How do we describe that? Let's just call it this: real feels!

"Yung parang nandoon ka sa eksena!"


Worthy of mention is the fact that Mendoza was not offered millions just to do this live coverage. He volunteered to do it. Despite that, he received undeserved criticism.

“The reactions of other people in social media about Brillante Mendoza has been negative. The great director is doing this pro bono, for free. Wala pong bayad si director Mendoza." -Martin Andanar, Presidential Communications Secretary

This afternoon, we will witness an unfolding of history in our country. We will hear what our new president's plans are that surely would bring change in every citizen's life. And we have the privilege of having an award-winning director usher us in to that nation-changing speech in this part of our national history.

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