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Trailer Thoughts: Why Flash is so Quick to Commit to the Justice League

Batman: So you're fast...
Flash: That feels like an over simplification!
Batman: I'm putting together a team. People with special abilities. You see I believe enemies are coming.
Flash: Stop right there! I'm in.
Batman: You are? Just like that?
Flash: Yea, I... I need friends.
Batman: Great!

That's how fast Flash gave his buy-in to Batman's proposal for him to join the Justice League. And this right here is a scene in the upcoming film set to gather some of the iconic superheroes in the DC universe. Yup! It's DC's time.

Some thoughts:

  • They're forming a team! Not a 'barkada' so Flash might get frustrated at some point.
  • Their goal is to battle the enemies and not just to bond as friends.
  • But they say, good teams are those with members who can also consider themselves good friends.
Anyway, have fun watching the full trailer of Justice League from the Comic Con 2016!

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