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Pokemon Go Life Lesson: Why wanting to be the very best isn't working for you

Everyone wants to be the very best. But not everyone is willing to give their best.

Admit it! At some point in your life, you’ve dreamt of being at the top of your class. There’s a part of you during commencement exercises that secretly delivers a full page speech– pretending to be valedictorian.

But why hasn’t it been working for you? The answer is simple: Because to become the very best would take more than just wanting it.

Come to think of it, wanting to become anything is only half the journey. The other half begins when you actually make an effort to show up on time, or when you work hard, or even when you practice your skill.

These are simple lessons that resound not just in life's daily experiences but in Pokemon Go's minute-by-minute gameplay. Take those lessons in and think Pokemon Go.

Life Lesson: A cool phone and speedy internet can only take you so far. But to be the best like no one ever was isn’t exactly something you’d find on the internet. Believe me, I tried. 

Pokemon Go Lesson: No matter how cool your phone is and how speedy your 3G/LTE is, you will not be the best in finding pokemons if you're not willing to walk the streets and persevere. The journey can be endless but are you willing to take it without giving up?


So, the next time you catch yourself singing to Just Once by James Ingram, the part in the beginning that goes “I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough”, know that there is no shame in being second best, or third, or fourth, and so on. As long as you don’t give up, every day is an opportunity to be the best you can be.

The good news about life is, unlike Pokemon Go, the server does not experience error so you don't ever get stuck. Life goes on no matter what. It's your choice to overcome.

And if you ever find yourself almost giving up, find a friend and do this:

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