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Have you heard of The Four: Battle For Stardom?

In case you haven't heard yet, there's actually a new singing competition in US. And it's about to hit finale next week! Nope, not that you missed out a lot for a long time, it's not like Idol, Got Talent and The Voice that run for a long season. This one is only a 6-week running competition. So here's a rundown of how the show goes for you to catch up just before it ends.

Award-winning American singer and songwriter Fergie, vocalist of Black Eyed Peas, does her first TV hosting job in The Four. When you watch the first episode, you'd start looking for the Ryan Seacrest style of hosting but reach the second episode and you'll begin to embrace her own style. She does it well with this kind of format.

Fox looked for the first four artists who basically owned the four seats. Every episode, a challenger approved by the judges would have to choose from one of the four. If challenger wins the round, he/she takes over the seat and locks it until the next episode.

So every challenger has to impress the judges with one act.

The judges are: Charlie Walk (president of Republic Records), Meghan Trainor (singer and songwriter), Sean Diddy Combs (singer, songwriter, producer), and DJ Khaled (record producer).

After a challenger's performance, they have to deliberate with one another especially if they're not sure about their consensus. Then they have to either vote secretly of either a YES or a NO.

The results of the votes come out through the rings. Each ring represents a judge's vote. A blue ring means yes. Red ring means a no. A challenger has to have four rings to be able to challenge one of the four artists in the hot seats.

Whoever gets most of the audience votes in the actual studio takes over the seat and locks it in for that episode.

And that's how Fox's The Four goes. Unlike Idol, it's shorter. But every episode promises intense battles. When you've watched it, tell us what you think.

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