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What Dory has taught us about life's trials

Finding Nemo is not just for kids! I repeat... Finding Nemo is not exclusively for kids. In fact, it's for you, the stressed, the tired, the weary, the almost-giving-up type, the one desiring to quit but still deciding. It's for us! And DORY is the reason why.

If you're at a similar situation as the descriptions above, run to Dory and she'll tell you this: JUST KEEP SWIMMING! 

So while you're waiting for that situation at work to improve (a promotion, a vindication from accusations and the likes), JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

So while you're waiting to see an improvement in school (thesis proposal to be approved, groupmates to stop being lazy, tuition to be paid and the likes), JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

Today, remember that you can get by. Not just that, you can choose to live joyfully. Always keep your head above water. And JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

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