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What’s your most memorable experience with a loved one?

I am ok now. By this time, I already (at some point) understand how people feel when they lose a loved one. In my case, my Papa.

I think that the best way to tell my story of my most memorable experience with a loved one would be to tell you the timeline of two most important days with him.

November 18, 2016

Facebook post:
Friends, my Papa suddenly passed out this morning in the condo elevator. All of us rushed to the ER to find out that he was DEAD ON ARRIVAL. His heart was revived after 30 minutes. He breathed thru life support for more than two hours. Then... Another cardiac arrest. He fought a good fight! The one I look up to when it comes to servant leadership. I will miss my Papa.
If there's ever an instance in our lives that truly embodies the hashtag #CaptureTheRealYou, it would be death of a loved one. You will never know how you are or how you will be until you're there.

But that day was not my most memorable. It was the day before.

November 17, 2016

Facebook post:

Photos as memorable as these would have been best with an #OppoF5 phone.

Our last dinner together. What happened after dinner, before parting ways, was the most memorable experience with my father.

He was happy. I hugged him and told him I loved him. I kept checking on him if he was ok and even prayed for him before leaving. Then when it was time to part ways that night, he walked to me and tapped/held my shoulder. That was my last encounter with him. Thankful is an understatement but yes I am for his life.

Papa tapped my back and held my shoulder as if commending and sending me off at the last night of his time here on earth. We had our early Christmas dinner as a family at a restaurant in SM Megamall. When it was time to go home, after hugging him and telling him I loved him, he had to go with my brother where they stayed. My wife and I were going to the entrance door and they were going to the other side. While walking, he did that. He tapped me on the back.

I looked at him and smiled. I was an excited little boy that moment looking forward to more of those from my Papa. But that was… the last.

November 17, 2016 was a memorable day. And despite the loss, I can now look back and praise God for that very moment He allowed me to experience from my dad. Papa is in a better place. God be praised for memorable experiences He allows us to have with our loved ones.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! God loves us all!

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